June - Sunshine, Showers & Sparkles!

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Well... Mad Mucker's June has, so far, been about as predictable as the weather!

June has seen Mad Mucker making it’s first foray into selling at major events - we popped up the gazebo and filled it with our full range at the British Eventing competition at Brand Hall in Shropshire, and then onto Kelsall Hill in Cheshire.
The weather was a bit mixed at both, so it was a time for layers - short sleeved t-shirts one minute and then soft shell jackets the next!  Lots of really positive feedback from everyone and we’re so proud that people from all around the UK chose to spend their hard earned cash on our clothing - we hope you all love your new Mad Mucker togs!
Mad Mucker will next be popping up at Newport Show in Shropshire on Saturday 13th July - it's a great day out, so we hope you'll be able to join us and check out our range... as well as sampling the delights of the food tent!
We've introduced a couple of new products in our range - including some sparkles making an appearance on or Layla and Bree tops!  Check out our shop www.madmucker.com where all Muckers can get some smart, practical and great value clothing for when we Muck Out, Ride Out or Dine Out!
This Mad Muckering means that Millgard (aka. Bruce or The Brucemeister!) had rather a lot of time off and, despite turning 18 last month, appears to have entered something of a second childhood... This month he’s been a cross between a flaky three-year old and pedantic teenager!

We’d like to think that he was feeling a touch of Summer Madness - though riding a big bolshy 17.2 powder keg meant Lady Muck sat tight as it’s a long way down for an unscheduled dismount!  On the plus side, he bounced round some XC training, produced a rather marvelous medium trot and held it together through an unaffiliated Elementary dressage test - so much for semi-retirement!
Bye for now!
Jane... aka Lady Muck!
Mad Mucker (noun): A Woman who Embraces Riding Hat Hair. Sports Brave Pants. Endures Wheelbarrow Envy. Mucks Out. Mucks In. Poo Picks. A Good Friend. Drinks Wine. Full Bodied. With Hips.

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